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ClanZ White - Style ClanZ White 2.2.6 for XenForo 2.2 2.2.6

No permission to download
Style ClanZ is mainly for the gaming community but with some minor tweaks it can fit any need!

You can:

* set background for node
* set icons for each forum
* set up a large content display panel with highlights
* logo settings
* set welcome message
* notification settings
* custom footer setup with 4 blocks
* set up 2 or 3 forum nodes in a row

Other features:

* responsive design
* support for font awesome icons
* support for SVG icons
* support for sprite icons
* Quick Installation
* unique avatar type
* awesome border hover effect

Style ClanZ White 1.jpg
Style ClanZ White 2.jpg
Style ClanZ White 3.jpg
Style ClanZ White 4.jpg
Style ClanZ White 5.jpg
Style ClanZ White 6.jpg

Good luck.
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