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Turbo - Style Turbo 2.2.7 for XenForo 2 2.2.7

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Turbo starts with fresh colors and stunning design. This theme changes to the standard layout with different sidenav, sidebar and node layouts.

Style Turbo 1.png

RE-ME Framework Feature List
You don't just get a simple interface; you will get settings that will change the default framework to your own. It's your website; make it yours!

* Google Web fonts are easily configured.
* Node background
* Avatar
* Custom scrollbars
* Guest messages
* Employee tool pins
* Text logos
* Two types of login activation
* Remove sub-navigation row
* Collapsible categories
* Category Strip Pins
* Simple node statistics
* Indicator label "New"
* Sidebar position
* Sidebar Pins
* Sidebar collapsible
* Collapsible sidebar block
* Separate Pin Theme
* Show last poster's avatar
* Online/Offline status indicator in discussion list
* Three different message layouts
* The only background of the first post
* Offline status indicator
* User's extra information is collapsible
* Optional Glyphs (Navigation-Sidebar-Message ActionBar)
* Extra Footer is easily customized with 8 different widgets.
* And more.....

Good luck.