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UI.X Classic Dark - Style UI.X Classic Dark for XenForo 2

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UI.X for XenForo 1 is the original flagship product of ThemeHouse/Audentio. Although the interface has been modernized in UI.X 2, the publisher decided to use the same colors, fonts, and general look and feel as back in XenForo 1 for the dark version. UI.X Classic Dark has been updated with UI.X 2 Framework, which comes with loads of new features. There may be some features it doesn't have a perfect equivalent of, but many are really planned.

Style UI.X Classic Dark 1.jpg
Style UI.X Classic Dark 2.jpg
Style UI.X Classic Dark 3.jpg
Style UI.X Classic Dark 4.jpg
Style UI.X Classic Dark 5.jpg
Style UI.X Classic Dark 6.jpg
Style UI.X Classic Dark 7.jpg
Style UI.X Classic Dark 8.jpg

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